Blogs has converted over 1,000 3D models!

3DTransform reached a milestone this week by converting its 1,000th 3D model. I decided to celebrate by adding a blog.

Since you are reading this, you've probably already figured out that is a web utility to convert any 3D model to the STL format used by 3D printers.

3DTransform is also an API, so that you can add 3D model conversion as part of your website or other software tool.

The website has only been up for a couple of months, but our usage is growing very rapidly. Read more about has converted over 1,000 3D models!

3DTransform Converts 10,000 Files! converted its ten thousandth 3D model this week! Thank you to all of our users and the 3D printing community.

New features will be coming to soon. Please check in over the next few months as we roll out additions to the site. If you have a particular feature that you would like then send us a message through the contact form with your suggestion. Read more about 3DTransform Converts 10,000 Files!

3DTransform is More Powerful Than Ever

We migrated 3DTransform to a more powerful web server.

This means that the website now responds much faster regardless of your location.

We were also able to significantly raise the file size limits. You can now process those extra large 3D models. You know, the ones with an insane level of detail.

I hope this has made the service easier for you to use. We are constantly improving the site and looking for ways to make it easier for you to convert 3D files to a 3D printer friendly format.

- Matt Read more about 3DTransform is More Powerful Than Ever

Overview of 3D File Formats and 3D Printing

There are lots of 3D file types, but STL is the most common format used in 3D printing.

STL, short for Stereo Lithography, is the de facto standard for 3D prototyping. It describes an object by the vertices of triangles in Cartesian space. A STL file can be encoded in either ASCII or in Binary.

Some other common types of 3D file formats are: Read more about Overview of 3D File Formats and 3D Printing

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